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American Indian Community Housing Organization
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In the United States, on average, 20 people per minute are abused by an intimate partner. In the fiscal year 2021, Dabinoo’Igan provided 490 unique individuals with shelter services, 2509 bed stays, and answered over 577 crisis calls. During that same year, Dabinoo’Igan had just under 200 requests for services that were unmet due to capacity issues. Victims of violence should never have to face these barriers when seeking safety and help.

AICHO has begun construction of our new, larger shelter. Our new shelter will offer 24 beds, more than doubling our current bed capacity. Our residents will receive cultural and trauma-informed care that is victim centered. Our focus is on healing the individual. We will include increased outreach and family advocacy, and a space where safety and healing are the primary focus.

Development is underway, but due to the pandemic and rising costs there is a gap that Dabinoo’Igan needs to fill. We are asking our community to come together and support Dabinoo’Igan in fulfilling its mission to serve those in our community calling for help. 

Our fundraising goal is $25,000 which will go towards the cost of service development and supplies that include, but are not limited to: security, furniture, household goods, equipment, age appropriate toys, and art supplies. We want to create a space for victims / survivors where they are truly safe, comforted, and sheltered. With your support we can reach our goal.

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