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Your Willmar Area Community Foundation (WACF) strives to create new pathways that continue to build community throughout the region we all call home. When you invest in your Foundation, you invest in your community, changing lives of those next door. Through the many facets of leadership, collaboration, and resilience exemplified at the community foundation table and in our partnerships, we take pride in being able to live out our mission to “engage people, connect resources and building community.” We are so thankful to be able to be part of the lasting impact and legacy that each of you leave in our community, starting with the help of one hand to another.

Your gift to the Foundation Builders Campaign grows and sustains your foundation, provides more opportunity for local partnerships and assures WACF is ready to respond when the community needs us. Our work to help sustain our region through the pandemic was the best example of why having a local community foundation really matters, as we reinvested over $225,000 back into programs and organizations that needed us more than ever before. We invite you to join us in investing into your community as a Foundation Builder and be a generous person, changing lives and communities!

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