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How we create, consume and dispose of our food contributes to a whopping ⅓ of greenhouse gas emissions we create. Our industrial food system prioritizes profits over people, with major consequences: emissions and water use are out of control, our soil is degraded and our government regularly subsidizes grain and corn — propping up industries that do not feed our families. Meanwhile, the farmers who grow our food continue to be squeezed.

This is a huge problem, and also presents an incredible opportunity. We believe we can build a healthy and thriving food system that can combat climate change. We can make strong connections to our local producers that encourage sustainable, climate mitigating practices. Most importantly, we can build a food system that is accessible to all of us. 

Here at MN350, it’s not a just climate future if so many of our neighbors are priced out of these sustainable, local food connections. We’re looking to build access to a better food system, and by doing so build greater support for our food vision. This year our team is tackling our desire for a sustainable, local food ways that are accessible to our whole community. In 2024, we need your support to make this happen. 

We are working to expand the Market Bucks program to grocery stores in our community, bringing a dollar for dollar match on groceries purchased with SNAP/EBT to more locations in our community.  It makes farmers markets and fresh food accessible to low income communities, who may struggle to afford fresh produce. It builds purchasing power for our local farmers and draws that revenue towards them. It’s a great investment in our local community, economy and food system.

This year we have the potential to grow the connection between food access and support for local and sustainable foods. And we need your help! Every gift made to our team at MN350 supports us in building our vision for a just and climate resilient food system. Let’s build a better food future together!

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