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728 Cadets Corp
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The 728 Cadets needs help pulling 2 large trailers for the Winter Marching Season.


raised by 13 people

$15,000 goal

The River Valley Percussion Theater utilizes the trailer shown above to transport large marimbas, virbaphones, drums and props to practice gyms and competitions. The River Valley Sound group utilizes a similar sized trailer to transport large brass instruments and props to practice gyms and competitions. We need large trucks to tow these trailers, and with the cost of gas we need to raise $15,000 so we can rent a truck or reimburse someone to pull these trailers. 

Without this funding, it will be very difficult for the students to practice and be able to attend their competitions. 

We need your help to pull our weight!

Thank you so much for supporting the 728 Cadets!

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