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Itasca Community Television Inc
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Tip the scales in favor of local media.


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$20,000 goal

Annually, ICTV is seeking  $20,000 to create the programs on which our community relies. Our team of five professionals keep both live and on-demand programs recorded, scheduled, published on social media. While ICTV runs a lean, efficient operation, support from people just like you is crucial.  

One-time gifts of any amount are great. Monthly gifts help even more.  To meet our annual need, ICTV and its Board of Directors is asking you to join them in supporting this important cause by becoming a sustaining member.   Give here or on our website https://watchictv.org/become-an-ictv-member/

If you are able, a major gift to the Empower ICTV Initiative will make a difference for years to come. Staff and Board Members are willing to talk with you about your long-term pledge, a major gift, memorial gifts or planned-giving options.

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