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The Twin Cities Media Alliance equips citizens to tell their own stories, bringing voice to those typically ignored in the media.


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Media outlets are becoming more polarized, corporate, and frankly, boringly predictable. Most people tune in to hear curated "news" that they know will be agreeable to them, if they tune in at all. There's a reason The Daily Show is so popular, but even that, while entertaining, is essentially an echo chamber reporting back on other news.

The Twin Cities Daily Planet works against this mindset, providing a website where people - regular citizens like you and me - can share stories and report news in our communities that you don't hear about anywhere else. Minority communities that don't get any media coverage, education and health issues that aren't on the front page, arts and cultural events that aren't reviewed in or City Pages. Real stories, told by the people who are living them. It's people-powered journalism, and it's everything that the major media outlets are not.

Meanwhile, the Twin Cities Media Alliance (the parent organization of the TCDP) offers free media skills classes and events throughout the year, bridging the digital gap and equipping citizens with tools to promote their businesses, report neighborhood news, and engage with their communities.

Not surprisingly, this work heavily relies on community foundations and individual donations. We welcome your tax-deductible gift of ANY size to help promote diversity and accountability in the media!

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