STARBASE Duluth Annual Technology Campaign

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STARBASE Minnesota - St. Paul & Duluth
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Give today to support STEM education in our region through classroom technology advancements!


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STARBASE Minnesota Duluth Technology Campaign

STARBASE learning is presented to students as it would be in real-world STEM industries. Students are challenged to grasp mathematical and scientific concepts, as well as develop hypotheses and test predictions using equipment, such as 3D printers, that is used by real scientists, engineers, or other STEM professionals. Students work as teams to develop solutions to the challenges that present themselves during the activities. STARBASE enables the students to experiment with hands-on learning techniques and experience math or science in an applied manner that is essential for encouraging an excitement and love for learning STEM. STARBASE offers technology and equipment that most schools just simply do not have access to.

Students engaged in Virtual Reality see how it is used for real-world application.

What Students are Saying

 “STARBASE challenged me by teaching lots of new difficult things i hadn't learned before. It also taught me that failure is good!”  Night Eye

"I think STARBASE challenged me by always doing projects that helped me learn but also were really fun! For example, CAD was really fun but also we were also learning about technology!" Miss Firework

What Teachers are Saying

Using an iPad to discover molecules makes elements and compounds understandable.

"My students got to be in the "driver's seat" with each new technology, which builds confidence and understanding about the programs and equipment. This opens door for future career opportunities that you can not receive elsewhere." 5th Grade Teacher, Virginia, MN

"There were many activities that the students did this week that would not happen in our own school because they are cost prohibitive. It is great that my students are exposed to these things." 5th Grade Teacher, Virginia, MN

"Students saw how an iPad can be used other than a device to display content. They used their technology to engineer solutions to problems." 5th Grade Teacher, Hinckley, MN

FosterinAR is another tool students can use to better relate to abstract concepts.g Academic Achievement

STARBASE gives all students the opportunity to
develop essential skills in STEM - including students who may be underrepresented in these fields - giving students the tools they need to excel while helping schools satisfy ambitious federal and state standards.

HistoryWhen students use CAD to design, it brings visions to life with creativity.

STARBASE Minnesota is a 501(c)3 educational, nonprofit organization that delivers free, hands-on, technology-rich, and STEM-intensive curriculum to local 5th graders. The Duluth program currently serves over 2,700 students from twenty regional public school districts in Northeastern Minnesota. STARBASE is a program of the Department of Defense MN National Guard and operates out of the 148th Fighter Wing in Duluth.

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