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Hi, I'm Spyro. I am a bearded dragon at Academy of Whole Learning and I’m looking for a new home!


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Our high school STEM class at Academy of Whole Learning, a K-12 private school designed for neurodiverse people, is doing a STEM project to design and build our bearded dragon, Spyro, and his friend Gili, each a bioactive vivarium. A bioactive vivarium is a tank that has an ecosystem that resembles an animal's natural home. We have done a lot of research on bioactive vivariums and bearded dragon habitats to learn what kinds of things our vivarium will need. They will need different kinds of dirt and sand, clean up crew bugs, plants, branches, and little logs to climb on as well as a new bigger tank. We are sure this new tank will make Spyro much happier and more comfortable. This project will help us learn how to work with our hands, and improve our ability to work with our peers. It will also teach us how to take care of a bioactive vivarium once it's finished. We plan to raise $1000 to buy the materials we need to make the tank. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, and will make Spyro a much happier lizard! Sign up for our mailing list and check out our website to get progress updates for Spyro & Gili’s bioactive vivariums, but also just cute pictures of them! Any donations above $1,250 will go to supporting our students through the annual fund. 

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