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When older or special needs animals come to us, they almost always need more care and a longer stay. We make sure they get whatever it takes


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Besides our extensive work of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and cats, and MANY litters of kittens each year, another program we are very proud of here at the HAHS is our SENIORS FOR SENIORS program.  We are happy to say that we have made many wonderful matches of older dogs and cats to elderly people who benefit from their companionship. 

 Puck, age 17  (pictured here), came into care in the when he became unexpectedly homeless when his former person died. After several months of mourning and living in foster care, a new special human living in her own (accommodating) assisted living facility adopted this eager and most affectionate  “lap  companion” . Puck is now still ”home again” with another grateful senior person. 

Many older animals do frequently require more medical care and also extra time to prepare for new homes.  Often, their previous humans recently died, as in the case of Puck, or have gone into nursing homes and the animals are in emotional pain over their loss.

Our senior animals therefore need  (and receive) as long as necessary in foster care, with special attention to help the animal's transition. When they eventually go to their new permanent home, it is most often with the adoption fees waived. That, then means that no part of the cost of their care is recaptured. 

Our PETS FOR VETS program is  very similar in that we match our adoptable to returning military vets who need an animal companion to help with their transition home.  The pet is also placed with a vet without a formal adoption fee. 

If you, see the value in these two program, and perhaps would like to make a donation in tribute to, or in memory of a beloved pet of your own, we will see that the donation is used for the benefit of these extra special people and animals. 

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