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A program to promote the use of regenerative agriculture in meat production


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Pollution from agriculture is one of the most pressing  in our lakes and rivers. Nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers wash off fields and supercharge algae and aquatic plant growth in our water ways. Farm fields erode more quickly as their soil is degraded and thus, increases turbidity in our lakes and rivers. Siltation smothers fish spawning and fills our waterways. These multifaceted issues are urgent-impacting us now-yet the implications will only get more severe as time passes. We must be able to grow food without sacrificing our clean water. 

Regenerative agriculture is an old system that is being made new again. The focus is on farming to maximize soil health rather than maximizing yields. Regenerative agriculture farmers employ tactics like adaptive grazing, no-till planting, and no, or very limited, use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This allows the soil to hold more organic matter and nutrients. 

Healthy soil protects water by infiltrating and storing more rainwater, reducing topsoil erosion and field runoff, and reducing the need for fertilizers, antibiotics, and steroids. As soil health improves, yield also increases. Healthy soils also make for healthier and happier grazers. 

MLR's Up The Creek Meats program supports these farmers by facilitating connections to local customers through Lake associations. One large issue for small scale regenerative agriculture farmers is marketing. This is where we come in. We connect farmers to local groups interested in their products, and in water protection. This bridges the gap between production and distribution. 

Farmers involved in our program regularly host farm visits and are open to answering questions. This culture of transparency and visibility allows consumers to feel good about their food purchases while supporting their goals of healthy lakes. 

Incentivizing this sort of production has widespread benefits of cleaner water statewide, a more robust ecosystem that doesn't need to depend on harmful chemicals for fruitful production, and a connected network of buyers and sellers who know each other. Healthy soil builds healthy farms, healthy consumers and healthy communities.

Thank you for your donation toward the protection of Minnesota’s lakes! 

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