Give to the Max Day 2023

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Rum River Art Center Inc

The Rumriver Art Center, your community art center, needs you to keep inspiring artists.


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$25,000 goal

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Update posted 7 months ago
We did it! We made our goal thanks to all your support.

We need your support to keep inspiring artists of all ages by providing affordable lessons and workshops to all. Your support allows us to continue with Free Family Art Day, Kids Art Night and offer programs like Vitality Arts and Community partnerships. In addition we have a goal to install a chair lift to be truly accessible to all. 

Your donation ensures we remain a thriving community art hub. Our mission has always been to "Welcome All" to experience art opportunities that are affordable,  inspiring  and therapeutic artists at the Rumriver Art Center.

Why donate to the Rumriver Art Center?

Top 10 Rumriver Art Center Artifacts

Artifact #1 - Donate now and get your donation doubled! We have an Community Partners fund of $12,500 in matching funds available during Give to the Max.

Every dollar makes a difference, especially to a small nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.  

Artifact #2 - Operating a community art center costs money. Contrary to popular belief, we are not funded by the government. Yes, we receive some small grants that help but it’s not enough.

Artifact #3 - We pay our teaching artists a living wage. Artists are people too; they have feelings and bills to pay. Art is not free. 

Artifact #4 - Art is good for your soul, your mental health and the soul and mental health of those around you. Everyone benefits.

Artifact #5 - Benefits of the art making process: art helps foster social and physical gains, art increases creativity, mental engagement and confidence.

Artifact #6 - We are a 501c3 community nonprofit, you know we don't make any money. All monies go right back into the art center for rent, utilities, office staff and ice cream. Ok, maybe not ice cream, but that would be nice.

Artifact #7 -  Our classes, workshops and summer camps pay for the teaching artists and supplies and not much else. 

Artifact #8 -  We have grown from a 1 room studio where you had to walk miles to get to, and now have 10,000 square feet to walk around for miles.

Artifact #9 - You or someone you know could be the next Picasso, but unless you have a place to go to you will never know.

Artifact #10 – Matching funds were generously donated by these community partners to double every dollar your donate up to $12,500:  Anoka Lions Club, Connexus Energy, Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Jorgensen Coldwell Banker Realty,  Rumriver Art Center Artologists Fund, Carmen Sarrack & Associates Inc.,  Andover Walmart, Fridley Walmart, Andover Lions, Superior Heating And Cooling

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