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Rory need spinal surgery to save her life!


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This little lady is going in for spinal surgery on Monday ❤️

Rory has a condition called Subarachnoid Diverticulum. This is where a pocket of fluid develops along her spinal cord and causes pressure to the cord. If we do not proceed with surgery, it will continue to grow and eventually she will lose all function in her legs. Currently she has a funny walk but it getting progressively worse. 

The surgery is very risky because the fluid pocket is located just beneath the skull and there are a lot of important structures in the area. We are cautiously optimistic. We don't have a choice if we want her to have any chance at a life. 

This surgery will be very expensive, per usual, and we would be so grateful for any donations as we have been hit hard with high medical bills this month already. 

If you have been following us for awhile you will remember both Cessna and Caboose also had this condition and had surgery. They are both doing well now and living great lives! 

We will keep you posted on progress 😀

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