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The Epidural Stimulation After Neurologic Damage (E-Stand) clinical trial at Hennepin Healthcare is accepting donations. The goal of this trial is to test and optimize the use of epidural spinal cord stimulation to restore volitional movement in patients suffering from chronic complete motor spinal cord injury and paraplegia. 

Currently, E-STAND is the second largest study in the world to study the use of epidural spinal cord stimulation to restore function after thoracic spinal cord injury.  Our goal is to understand if this therapy works for a large variety of people after spinal cord injury to test if this therapy should be used for everyone after injury. Our study has already enrolled patients with the most severe injuries, oldest average age, and the longest time since the initial injury compared to previous studies. Our research team seeks to learn the practical clinical application of this therapy for the estimated more than 300,000 individuals living with chronic spinal cord injury in just the U.S. alone. We hope to test if this therapy improves the quality of life after spinal cord injury.

To learn more about the E-Stand trial, or to refer a potential participant, please visit: https://www.estand.org/

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