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Help bring solar energy to RMS! 

Rochester Montessori School is taking the next step in a long history of environmental stewardship, with the plan to install 100 solar panels on the roof. Every year, the panels will produce approximately 62,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which will be used by RMS or fed back into the grid (and providing RMS credit.)

Why Solar?

  • For the environment! Solar energy is a sustainable alternative to carbon fuel. Our array will help do our part to address the climate crisis.
  • For cost savings! The solar array will reduce our annual electric bill by approximately $8000. We will recoup our total investment in 9.7 years.
  • To educate and empower our students to make the world a better place! The educational value of the panels is tremendous. Students will learn about solar energy, in the context of the current global energy and climate crises. Monitoring daily energy generated will be part of the installation at RMS, giving students hands-on real-life information to understand the impact of solar energy. 

One of the four pillars of RMS’s current strategic plan is to be a regional leader in environmental stewardship and learning. Installing solar panels is a great step toward that goal! 

Please help!

We need to raise $85,000 to purchase and install the 100 panels. That’s $850 per panel.

Please help us Make RMS Solar, by:

  • Donating through this site
  • Donate through our annual giving site

We hope every parent donates to this important effort. Every gift, no matter what size, matters. Thank you for your support of Rochester Montessori School, and for being part of influencing who our children become.

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