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Saint Paul Public Schools
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You Can't Think When You're Cold


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$10,000 goal

Every year Project REACH assists young people in SPPS and their families who are homeless or in foster care.

Many children do not have warm coats and boots, or are living in their car without sufficient heat. Sometimes students have moved several times over the year, leaving winter coats behind. 

When it starts to snow in Minnesota, they are unprepared.

You can help. 

Project REACH needs NEW warm coats, hats, mittens, and blankets during the winter months. Your financial contribution can help us purchase the warmth our homeless families need. 

Direct inquiries or generous checks to:

Heather Alden,

Supervisor, REACH/Fostering Connections

1021 Marion St

Saint Paul, MN 55117

Phone: 651-744-7173

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