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The mission of the Plainview Area Foundation is to serve the people of Plainview, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas, by supporting programs and projects that improve the quality of life and build a stronger community The Plainview Area Foundation was formed in 2007 specifically to provide fund raising and grant making services to the Plainview community. As a community foundation, the Plainview Area Foundation offers residents and nonresidents an opportunity to pool their charitable contributions for the common good of the community. The Foundation's goal?simply put?is to connect local resources to local need. The three principle functions of the Foundation are: Attract assets - the Foundation actively seeks contributions from new and long-standing donors that have connections to the community. They assist donors in managing their charitable giving by providing a variety of options for one-time and recurring donations. Managing assets - the Foundation is responsible for managing the pooled contributions for the use specified by donors. The Plainview Foundation offers donors the option of contributing to the Endowment Fund, General Project Fund or Plainview-Elgin-Millville Educational Project Fund. In addition, donors may participate in a Deferred Giving Program or request that the Foundation create a separate program for special purpose gifts. Distributing assets - Foundation assets are placed in secure investments where they accrue interest. The Foundation distributes a portion of the pooled funds through grant making. Applicants for funding must demonstrate that their project is consistent with the Foundation's purpose and mission. Please visit our website to learn more:

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