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The Minnesota Discovery Center is seeking donations to replace torn upholstery on 8 trolley seats.


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Welcome to our 2022 Give to the Max Day fundraising page! 

ALERT: Donate $10 or more November 11th - 14th and receive a trolley sticker! 

This year (2022), the Minnesota Discovery Center (MDC) is seeking funding to replace padding and upholstery on eight 10ft bench seats in two of our historic trollies.

MDC owns and operates two historic 1928 trollies (2 of only a handful left in the world!) from Melbourne, Australia. The trollies are one of the most iconic and popular attractions we have at MDC. In 2021 alone, more than 5,200 people from across the Iron Range, Minnesota, the United States, and the world rode the trolley! 

The upholstery and padding on eight bench seats within the trollies have not been replaced since the 1980's. Because of their age, the bench seats in the trolley have faded, the padding inside them has deteriorated, and several of the seats have tears in the upholstery held together by good old fashioned duck tape (not the best look folks). We cannot just replace one seat without it mismatching the remaining seats as the original material is no longer available. Thus, we are turning to you for help to replace all of the seats at one time! :)

The Project & the Goal 

MDC received a local quote for materials and labor and the project is estimated to cost $8,000. If MDC can raise half of the total project costs ($4,000), we will receive a 1:1 cash match!!! That's right, every dollar donated will get a 100% cash match through November! 


If we are successful with this campaign, MDC will hire the contractor at the beginning of the new year (January 2023) and the new upholstery would be installed in time for our 2023 trolley season! 

All donations made are tax-deductible and support our nonprofit mission to preserve and promote Iron Range history! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from all of us at the Minnesota Discovery Center for visiting our Give to the Max Day fundraising campaign!  

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