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Support critical education programs for children in need in San Rafael el Arado, Guatemala!


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$5,500 goal

<3 In Loving Memory of my uncle Tristan Melendreras <3

MISSION: To raise $5,500 for critical education programs that will prepare little ones for school and provide kindergarteners with extra support. These funds will benefit the children of San Rafael el Arado, Guatemala by keeping their stomachs full of food and their minds full of knowledge! It will also benefit the mothers of young children by teaching them ways to stimulate and interact with their children that will ultimately help their children be more ready for school.  

WHO/WHAT:  In the village of San Rafael el Arado, education has not been a priority for families because the priority has been to have all available hands help out in the fields with the crops. Funds raised will provide stimulating after-school activities/snacks and tutoring for 22 at-risk kindergarteners, and provide support to mothers of 91 young children who are getting ready to start school. The Afterschool Program for Kindergartners looks to reduce the rate of failure of grades through providing more stimulating activities and spaces for improving literacy and overall learning. The Early Childhood Stimulation Program was born out of the need to address elementary student’s noteworthy failure rates leading to significant drop out rates.  Social workers observed the little and inadequate interactions between mothers and their infants as an obstacle for educational success. The goal of the program is to increase the probability of educational success and attainment for children between the ages of 0-3 years in the village.

WHY: My uncle and beloved patriarch of my mom's side of the family, Tristan Melendreras, recently passed away. He was an economist and an extraordinary university professor for most of his life. Education was his passion. Many of his books and published works are still used at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala today. He was a very loving and caring man, who not only cared dearly about his entire family but also about the well-being of others. He was always taking care of everyone, helping in any way he could financially and emotionally with all his heart. He was always extremely supportive of Operation Give and loved the children in San Rafael. When he came to volunteer with me for the huge holiday party we had for all 500 children in San Rafael he was beaming with such great joy passing out all the handmade Christmas cards for the children. This fundraiser is dedicated to him. Love you my Tristanlindo!

DONATIONS: I'm reaching out to you for help. Together we can do this! For example, just $10 After-school snacks for 1 child for 1 MONTH! All donations are welcome, big or small :) Every penny counts, and it is appreciated beyond words! The money you donate is going directly to Common Hope in Guatemala for the San Rafael el Arado Afterschool Program for Kindergartners and the Early Childhood Stimulation Program. Can’t donate monetarily? No worries! You can still help by sharing our fundraising page to help spread awareness and help us reach our goal!

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE: Yes! You will receive a donation record e-mail after you contribute online.

PLEASE SHARE: Most importantly, spread the word by sharing this link with friends & family. Statistically, every share generates an average of over $25 in additional donations ;)

WE’VE DONE THIS BEFORE: Since 2012, TOGETHER we’ve raised over $80,000 through Operation Give for almost 700 children in both Guatemala and Uganda! With high hopes and a can-do attitude, I am confident we will make this yet another successful year to make some more beautiful children & mothers feel super duper loved!

MY STORY: Growing up, it was important to my parents that my brothers and I remembered to be grateful for all blessings in life. More importantly, to share those blessings with others. When I started Operation Give, I did so with the intention of supporting children in need with educational resources, food, and loads of love to make them feel special. I know that many others share these feelings, and I’m so happy that we all have a platform to make a difference together! :D

FACEBOOK: To follow our progress, view photos/videos, and get news about upcoming fundraising events please visit and like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OperationGive

SPONSORED BY: Fundraising campaign is sponsored by Give Photography.

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