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RBW Missions is all about connecting - connecting followers of Jesus Christ in the USA with brothers and sisters in Latin America and around the world in order to share God's glory and Jesus' rescue plan with those who haven't heard about Him and to encourage and equip one another to do that more effectively. 

We work with national and indigenous people in these countries helping to mobilize them to reach those who don't know anything about Jesus. We're raising funds to help with the costs of training these national workers. It might be for land to locate the training center on, or for a simple house boat for their long journeys on jungle river excursions, or for travel expenses for them to get to the schools from their distant homes.  Thanks for helping us get the Good News about Jesus to places it's never been before.

Here are a few specifics. The Calderon family is settled in the Chorrera area and is attempting to build a home on land that the community has given them. Funds to get the wood and other supplies there is needed - $5,000.

Also, we are looking to purchase land in Leticia for the location of the Mission Training School that is being established during 2021. Land cost ranges between $10,000 and $125,000 depending on the structures available on the land. 

A home / warehouse for an administrative / missionary family of the Guahibo people group in the Vichada state - where leadership can receive training and newly translated Bibles and training materials can be stored before distribution. Goal - $10,000.

Indigenous students attending La Antorcha Bible Institute in Villavicencio have to pay their transportation and personal incidentals but many come from villages where there is little money. We help with scholarships for these students - goal of $2000. 

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