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Applause, in its 58th season, brings affordable theater to you. Please help us do that.


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Applause Community Theatre - Moving Forward in 2024

Applause is holding our 58th season of shows in the 2024 season, starting with ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence back on November 6th, in collaboration with Mixed Blood Theatre and the Perpich Arts High School. This was part of a nationwide presentation.

We are currently planning the rest of the season and that is where you come in. Would you please consider a one-time or recurring donation to Applause to keep the doors open?  100% of what we receive is applied to the costs of production.

By being frugal on other costs (and not being able to pay stipends to actors, directors, or crew, which we would like to do), we can keep production costs under $4,000 per production. Add in the cost of our annual participation in MACT Festivals and we have an operating budget of $15,000, small by local community theater standards.

Ticket sales account for 47-53% of the budget, as we are committed to providing excellent theater at an affordable price.

We are thankful for any donation, from $5 to $5,000. GiveMN does offer you the option of making a recurring donation (just like MPR) at any level. You could join by donating $25/month, which pays royalties for one weekend.

Or even $10/month buys a script for one production per month. You get the idea.

Thanks for your consideration. And we hope to see you online

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Your donations will help fund these activities and we thank you.

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