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Additional law enforcement and drug courts are not the best way to address drug abuse in Minnesota.


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In 2018, there were more than 20,000 drug arrests throughout Minnesota. Thousands of people are incarcerated for non-violent drug crimes in our state, separated from their loved ones and their communities. 

Despite this law enforcement effort, drug use has not decreased, we are in the midst of a serious overdose epidemic, and more Minnesotans than ever feel stigmatized and isolated from their communities.

It is time we try a new approach, one where we agree that the best way to treat people who use drugs is with respect and compassion. One where uncoerced treatment is easily accessible to all who need it, and harm-reduction based, non-judgemental support services are available to meet people where they are at and reaffirm that their lives have value, regardless of their drug use. 

Sensible Minnesota is the only non-profit drug policy organization in our state actively working to bring about a holistic end to the War on Drugs in Minnesota. Their volunteer run advocacy and educational services are not free, and they need your support to help keep doing this important work. Please help support their mission this Give to the Max Day.

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