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Four years ago, I served as a Peace Corps Health Extension Volunteer in a village called Senekedugu, which translates to "Farm Land". It's located in Koinadugu District of Northern Sierra Leone. There is no access to running water or electricity and the nearest market is four miles away.  Due to this many rely solely on what they are able to farm and keep for themselves, and often due to infrastructure limitations suffer from worsened health outcomes. As a Peace Corps volunteer I focused on health education and promotion while working with the local Maternal and Child Health Clinic. One of the key topics we discussed was water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). One of my friends from my Peace Corps service has recently returned to her village located in Bonthe District to launch a WASH focused project empowering Sierra Leonean women. 

The project, Wi Yone Plastik, empowers Sierra Leonean women to transform their relationship with plastic by engaging them in programs to transform waste into valuable building materials. Plastic waste affects everyone worldwide, but in rural and resource-scarce areas, plastic waste can pose several health risks. In most parts of Sierra Leone, there is no existing waste management infrastructure. Waste is littered in ditches, burned in backyards or piled near the markets. Women are typically the ones burning this waste as part of household chores and experience negative health outcomes. To reduce the risk posed by this waste, Wi Yone Plastik transforms the plastic collected using a low-cost method and local resources. The process yields upcycled bricks, pavers, tiles and other pre-cast construction materials that can be sold for a profit. 

Wi Yone Plastik employs women to collect plastic waste, prepare it for upcycling, and educate their neighbors about sanitation and hygiene. A donation this Giving Tuesday could help sustain the important work they are doing! A gift of just $5 can help us purchase necessary health education learning materials. $50 will pay one of these women's stipends for an entire month, ensuring the removal of at least 100 lbs of waste from her community. The ultimate goal being to inact sustainable, positive change in communities with a focus on women-led projects. 

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