Love Squad for Black Minnesota Organizers

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Minnesota Voice
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Help us show love for Black Organizers in Minnesota by fulfilling their healing/self-care request


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$50,000 goal

The Project

  • What does it look like to truly "thank" our comrades who worked harder than they ever had before, under hostile conditions, in the years, months, and weeks leading to November 3rd only to learn that they had to keep going?  
  • What does it look like to truly "thank" our comrades who, exhausted, kept going through January 6th, eked out an unprecedented victory, only to have it overshadowed by a violent insurrection in our Nation's Capitol? 
  • What does it look like to truly "thank" our comrades who had only a few days to rest and regroup before having to head into a tumultuous state legislative session?

Why we're doing this

We're doing this because we have to go beyond just thanking Black people with our words for all the ways that we move this country toward its deeper purpose.  Our long term vision is for a society and culture that honors the brilliance and labor of Black people every day through recognition, rest, and reparations, but until that day, we have to create everyday opportunities to live into that vision. This project gives us a chance to practice what it looks like to truly show care and appreciation through a direct aid. Those who have benefitted from the labor and sacrifice of one group of people will show that by directly giving materially to those they have benefitted from.

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