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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Minnesota Council of Churches

We create unity based on justice between people of different faiths.


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We build a culture of peace and understanding, fighting fear by connecting Minnesotans of many faiths.

Thousands of Minnesotans have come to better know their Muslim neighbors because of our work. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, we organize open-house Taking Heart Iftars, or fast-breaking meals, in partnership with community mosques and Islamic centers. 

In 2023 over 1,000 Minnesotans attended one of 22 Iftars around our state.

During Ramadan we also make it clear to the community that we welcome Muslim Minnesotans through the Blessed Ramadan campaign. By offering lawn signs that simply say "To our Muslim neighbors, Blessed Ramadan," we help churches and individuals to proclaim that we do not fear Muslims in Minnesota. This campaign has taken off nationally and our signs have been distributed from coast to coast, even featured on radio programs in Indonesia and sermons in Croatia!

From time to time other events that impact our communities call for an interfaith response. We support religious freedom as we remain opposed to acts of religious persecution. We continue to decry mosque bombings and vandalism of Jewish worship spaces. Through our ongoing Countering Hate annual events we continue also to help foundations oppose Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism.

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