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It has been a big year for MCC Refugee Services….

World crises have had dramatic impact on communities oversees. This impact has been seen locally as we continue to welcome those forced to flee from their homes. MCC is proud to be able to support these emergent needs as we welcome the largest number of newcomers we have served in years.

Our staff has more than doubled to serve the growing number of people displaced by oversees conflict. With this growth in staff, our services have grown and adapted to meet the needs of newly arrived communities. This year, we have welcomed over 300 Afghans and continue to serve those who have been displaced by the Taliban. As a path towards permanency remains unclear for many of our Afghan neighbors, MCC Refugee Services is actively working to connect newly arrived Afghans with legal help to make Minnesota their permanent home.

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, MCC Refugee Services worked quickly to serve newly arrived Ukrainians with resources and essential services. Since June, we have enrolled around 300 Ukrainians in our services and helped 100 Ukrainians apply for work permits.

Meanwhile, MCC Refugee Services has continued to welcome refugees from around the world, setting up 150 apartments and connecting 90 people with their first jobs in Minnesota.

In total, MCC Refugee Services has served over 700 displaced people from Afghanistan, Ukraine and around the world this year.

We could not do it alone! The abundant support of our communities and partners makes it possible for us to respond to people’s immediate needs quickly and confidently. Your support provides stability for people in their new homes; helps families celebrate holidays and cultural traditions together; and allows newcomers to start working sooner to support themselves and their families.

This year more than ever, has proven that needs do emerge unexpectantly. Your support allows us to broaden our services to provide safety and welcome for people coming from overseas emergencies as Minnesota continues to welcome those in need of a safe new home.

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