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You can help children for generations learn to stop bullying and to resolve conflicts peacefully.


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Your gift will build a community resource for providing annual funding to PeaceMaker Minnesota partner schools in the Lake Park Audubon School District.  Funding will be used to reduce bullying and to teach youth positive relational skills.   

The endowment fund was established in 2013 in celebration of Lake Park Audubon High School receiving the first annual PeaceMaker Minnesota Commitment to Excellence Award in 2013.  The Founding contributors were: 

Cormorant Lions Club, Cormorant Lutheran Church, Lake Park Audubon Legacy Fund, Lake Park Lions Club, Peg and Dick Lidstad, Midland Information Systems, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, State Bank of Lake Park, Ronald Wilson

The fund is currently valued at nearly $30,000 and in 2020 it started making annual payments to help PeaceMaker partner schools in the district provide a safe and caring learning environment.

Schools typically use the funding they receive to pay for student and parent speakers, curriculum, trainings, and student surveys to help assess programming.   

The elementary school has maintained its partnership with PeaceMaker Minnesota since 2005 and the High School since 2010.  

Your gift will ensure that this legacy of support for social emotional programming at Lake Park Audubon schools continues.   Thank you for your generosity.  

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