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God is transplanting the Davidson 7 from our cozy home in Minnesota to full-time mission work!


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$120,000 goal

Why we are asking you to join the journey:

To be honest, when Jacelyn finished med school, we'd begun to think that we could do this all on our own. We imagined that within several years we could achieve financial independence that payed off her debt, provided for our family, AND funded our future mission endeavors.

First, we're obviously terrible with numbers. It would require wealth far beyond our earning potential to tackle medical-student-level debt and fund a non profit medical ministry in 3-5 years.

Second, being able to do it all alone would strip us of the need for faith and trust. Facing the fact that we can’t single-handedly finance all that God has called us to gives us the opportunity to place the financial burden entirely in God’s hands. 

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we realize that attempting to do it on our own truly does rob others of the blessing of being a part of this work. Everyone is created to give and receive, and we find great fulfillment when we do so.

Thank you for joining our work, and for giving as freely as you have received!

St. Teresa of Calcutta,

pray for us!!!

To learn all about us, visit our web site: FreelyGiven Inc

If you haven’t seen our  video documenting all of the miracles and leaps of faith that God has brought us through, watch this!

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