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Roseville Area High School, Minnesota
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RAHS is in need of new equipment for students to use in our new Industrial Technology facilities!


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As a part of the November 2017 bond referendum, Roseville Area High School has undergone exciting renovations and grown with brand new, state of the art additions and facilities. We are so grateful to the Roseville community for supporting our schools.

With our new, beautiful Industrial Technology facilities, we are in need of new equipment for students to use.

The photos above depict the equipment and space we currently have - prior to building renovations. Much of our current equipment is very outdated and does not align with current industry equipment. Some of our equipment is even broken and unusable.

We are asking for support in getting new, updated equipment for our Industrial Technology department. With new equipment, students will be able to learn in an experiential, hands-on manner on relevant and current machines.

Please consider donating so that our Roseville Raiders can continue to explore their future careers and have the most meaningful educational experiences possible!

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