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As a foster for RSR I am hoping to raise $20 for every animal I have fostered so far this year, 19!


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We are at 18 fosters and counting so far this year since starting in August. And some have stuck with me more than others. I foster both cats and dogs and have had an amazing time discovering my love for this volunteer role. I picked up my most recent foster cat this week from St. Paul Animal Control, Ser Reginold Thibodaux Fairfield III, Protector of all those smaller than he. He is named after a character from our DnD game and it fits him very well as he is a fighter. He has a severe Upper Respiratory Infection and was not eating or drinking so they were going to have to put him down if he could not get into a foster home within 24 hours as they could not provide him with the critical care he needed in a shelter environment.


I brought him home, gave him a much needed bath, and set him up in a large kennel with a heating pad and a big fluffy bed that was donated to the rescue next to my bed to give him all the care he needs. 

He is on antibiotics, fluids, and has to be hand fed by syringe to get him to eat twice a day. He is still struggling to breath through his nose but his symptoms are getting better and better all the time. He is not super into cuddles or playing yet, but I can tell he is a sweet boy who will make a great addition to a family as soon as he is better. 

Your donation to RSR goes to help animals like Ser Reggie get the care they need from our vet team and helps them to full health so they can find their forever homes. All animals adopted from RSR receive all the vet care they need including spay/neuter surgery, vaccinees, preventatives, and any other care they may need. 

Another of my fosters, Ricky Riccardo, is a sweet Australian Shepard mix RSR brought up from Texas for a better life. He was found running stray on the streets with two other dogs, one of which we had stay with us as a foster, but who has already been adopted! Ricky needed to stay with us much longer as he was in need of a hip surgery called an FHO. He went to a partner veterinary clinic to receive that surgery as well as a neuter and he will now have eight weeks of recovery with follow ups and physical therapy with us. He is available for our FTA program, to hopefully find his forever home while he recovers. Helping dogs like him is another way your donations will be used! 

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