Safe Shelter for Rochester/SE MN Homeless Youth

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180 Degrees, Inc.
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Provide safe emergency shelter for homeless youth in Rochester and 22 southeast Minnesota counties.


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$2,000 goal


180 Degrees VonWald Youth Shelter in Rochester is the only 24-hour emergency shelter for youth under 18 in Minnesota's southeast region.  

When youth run from home due to family conflict or violence, or when home is no longer safe due to family addiction or mental health issues, the Von Wald Youth Shelter offers a safe alternative. 

Donate today to provide safe shelter along with supportive services so that every youth can achieve hope, stability, and positive pathways forward. 

Did you know? 

Some of the most pressing concerns identified among our youth were housing, education, and mental health concerns. Help our youth build bright and safe futures by making sure they have the safety and stability they need to be successful now! 

Donate Today!

New Donors:  Your Gift Today Can Unlock $50,000 more.

$50,000 Impact: Your donation today will have a $50,000 impact. The Richard M. Schulze Foundation has agreed to award us $50,000 if we can meet the $50,000 baseline goal from new donors. 

However, it is "All or Nothing." If we don't meet this goal, we cannot receive the matching transformative gift from the foundation.  

High Need. The demand for youth emergency shelter is at an all-time high  - and will increase as Minnesota temperatures drop.  Help us meet this $50,000 Challenge by making your gift today. Together, we can direct more resources to vulnerable youth in our community.

Donation Services Provided
$50 Nutritious, Hot Meals.  Provide 3 meals for one youth in shelter.
$100 Mental Health Support. 3 sessions in mental health support group for one youth in shelter.
$250 Sponsor a youth's shelter. Provide shelter, meals, and trauma service for one youth for 3-days.
$500 Sponsor a youth's shelter. Provide shelter, meal, and trauma service for two youth for 3-days.
$1,000 Von Wald Youth Shelter Leadership Circle.  Direct your gift to the greatest need to sustain shelter operations for 200 homeless and at-risk youth.

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