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Northern Voices is a MN nonprofit on a mission to give children with hearing loss a voice!


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Northern Voices. If you look it up, you'll see it described as a school that teaches children with hearing loss how to communicate through the use of listening & spoken language. But as we prepare to walk out of their doors this spring, we can tell you from personal experience that what takes place behind the walls of this humble school is so much more than that.

Almost 5 years ago, we were told our daughter was born with hearing loss. We were quickly thrust into an unknown world with the options, opinions, and paths leaving us dizzy & uncertain on which direction to take, and what the future might look like. When we ultimately landed on the doorstep of Northern Voices, we were met with hope and led into a place where dedication dances with promise. Watching those extraordinary kids in that ordinary classroom was the truth we had so desperately prayed for, & all we ever wanted for our Liv. Those kids were more than okay, they were thriving, and that classroom was brimming with possibility. That day, we let out the long breath we didn’t fully realize we had been holding. And now, after 4 years spent watching Livi crawl, then toddle, then walk/skip/dance/run in & out of those same doors, we never in our wildest dreams imagined she would be where she is today. This incredible transformation of our daughter, and of our family, is a result of this amazing school, Northern Voices.

What you won't find when you research the school, is that it won't just be the child who grows there. Her mom & dad will, too. Her siblings & grandparents, and everyone who knows and loves her will also be touched by the work being done and the remarkable little person who flourishes as a result. What you won't necessarily see just by looking at the website are the devoted beating hearts on the other side of the program who wildly love your child, exactly as she is, and are so profoundly dedicated to celebrating her & her success in life. These people who have made it their mission to give these incredible children a voice to make our world better. Who build up your child and foster an environment of growth & confidence, and cheer on your family as they faithfully walk right along side you on this incredible, beautiful journey. Our daughter wasn’t the only one being transformed by this school and the people behind it. The lessons in life and love and listening and learning and speaking (so much speaking!) have extended far beyond our daughter, but are working in us, her family, too. What a gift.

We diligently stayed the course, put forth the effort, trusted the curriculum, and now, Livi is preparing to embark on the next chapter - Kindergarten. She is more than ready, and will walk out of NV this spring & into the world equipped with not only the ability to join her siblings & friends in their conventional mainstream academic & life endeavors, but with the tenacity, resiliency, confidence, & self-advocacy skills to not just survive in this world, but to thrive. 

It is a truly bittersweet juncture for us as we look ahead to Kindergarten in the fall. We feel both excitement & pride, but also sadness to say goodbye, and just a tinge of that familiar sense of uncertainty we felt as we were met at the doors on that very first day at NV. But the difference between that day and this one is that today, in seeing who our little girl has become, we have since been instilled with profound confidence 100 times over. We are at peace knowing we have had this remarkable program lay down the foundation, while steadfastly carrying us along. Because we know that Northern Voices, if you stay the course, does not turn out students (or their families) if they aren’t completely and utterly ready.

So, as we walk out of Northern Voices’ doors hand-in-hand with our daughter, we will linger for a moment more and remember those very first steps in. When what started out as heartbreak with the perceived "loss" of what our daughter didn't have, was quickly transformed into heaps of hope & determination as we crossed the threshold through those preschool doors, and in all that we realize our daughter - our family - have gained throughout our time spent there.

It isn’t lost on us the one-of-a-kind, extraordinary gift we've been given to have had the opportunity to put our daughter through the NV curriculum. There isn’t a program out there – teachers out there – more faithful or dedicated or loving than those found inside the school within that little church in Roseville. 

So, in an effort to celebrate and raise awareness for this unmatched program in their largest annual fundraiser, we graciously ask, one last time, for your support. If you are able, your donation to the Walk for Talk movement would support this school & all that these children are accomplishing, and would mean tremendous things for another Livi, another family, & an incredible school.

Thank you, Northern Voices. Our words couldn’t possibly be big enough to tell you. We are forever changed, forever grateful.

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