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Helping offset tuition costs for an arts summer camp enriched with higher order thinking.


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My mission is to fill my art summer camp with 240 art camper over 12 weeks. This fundraiser is to help offset the costs of tuition. 

HOT ART Summer Camp is coming back year two with a Bang! Our goals reach beyond having the most fun at a camp, and we aim to utilize this opportunity with young minds to show them what they are capable of with their own two hands! We need your help to offset the costs of registrations, and raise money for some fully funded camp scholarships.

I'm Katie Ross, and I am a passionate art educator with a million stories to share! About a year ago I realized that schools limited my mission to prove the importance of art in our lives. 30-45 minutes a week is about the average amount of time students K-8 are given to learn, practice, and express themselves through visual arts. So many times in class I would hear my students say, "I wish we had art every day!" We were never ready to stop the fun, and I always had so much work to do with them and never enough time. My classes aren't always easy, fun, or just play. We work hard, solve problems, think critically, and persevere through our struggles. Practicing these skills through making art provides a soft landing for their mistakes, with that overwhelming feeling of pride when their work is complete. 

This year's camp will include art contests, weekly visiting artists, peer guided projects, a group video production, along with practicing in mediums like clay, drawing, painting, or stained glass mosaic. Each week we will add in a home economics project like making soap, sewing bean bags, or starting seeds for a cool weather crop in late summer. Campers can sign up for one week or more, knowing that they will experience new project, new people, new visiting artists, while building on their skills, and building an online portfolio of their work. 

Would you help me by donating what you can, to share the love of art with my campers this year?!

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