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Help homeless pets with special medical needs.


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$45,000 goal

Every animal deserves a chance. That's why the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund provides additional care for homeless pets with serious medical needs.

Animal Allies has recently been presented with not one, but two severe medical cases that are in major need of your help to survive.

Gus and Precious both came barreling through our doors with huge personalities! Gus is a 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier with one of the best smiles we’ve ever seen. Precious is a 2-year old-American Staffordshire Terrier who has a funny fascination with sniffing everyone's winter boots. She is also deaf, which leads to loads of loud, loving howls. Both pups love meeting new people, playing with other dogs and carrying around fluffy toys. 

When shelter medical staff performed the intake exam on Gus and Precious, they quickly noted something off about their heartbeats. Consultation with a specialized veterinary cardiologist in the Twin Cities confirmed the bad news: both dogs had heart murmurs.

Gus’s heart murmur is caused by  the narrowing of a blood vessel and thickening of a heart wall. Meanwhile, an echocardiogram of Precious revealed multiple cardiac defects: narrowing of  blood vessels, valve abnormality, and a small hole within the heart wall. Ultimately this has caused the blood to flow through Precious's heart in an abnormal direction, which means she could lose good oxygen-carrying capacity at any time. The cardiologist recommended both dogs receive heart surgery at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. 

 Both of these bouncy young dogs have their whole lives ahead of them. They live to please people, and would thrive in a loving home. Without surgery, Gus and Precious are not expected to live very long. You can give them the chance to have a full and happy life by making your gift into the Healing Hearts & Paws Fund. The estimated cost for both of them to have surgery is $8,000. You can make a gift that along with many others adds up to save Precious and Gus. 

The transformations that occur because of the Healing Hearts & Paws Fund only happen because you believe in rescuing every life. Although their surgeries will cost approximately $8,000, our goal for the fund in 2021 is $45,000 because we know Gus and Precious will not be the last animals in need of your love and support.

Donate today to give these wonderful dogs, and others like them, have a second chance at a new life! Thank you for your unwavering love for homeless pets!

Your gift will provide:

  • Medication and supplies to  treat heartworm.
  • Medical care for a stray mama cat and kittens.
  • Repair the broken leg of a stray pup.
  • Help regulate diabetes medication for an elderly cat.
  • Repair a torn CCL for a young, active and healthy dog.
  • A pet requiring surgery so that they can see.


At Animal Allies our mission is to ensure a loving home for every pet. Our Adoption Center celebrates a 96% live release rate, this is one of the highest in the country. While most pets require normal daily care to serve their needs, we also see a high level of special cases. These pets deserve the best possible care. Sometimes this means raising extra funds to cover those costs and that is why the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund was established.

Your gift today means that the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund will be there for homeless pets when they need our help the most. Every time a donation is made to the HHPF those funds are earmarked for special cases.

Your gift is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for helping our furry friends. 

Make a one-time financial gift or an on-going contribution today.  

An on-going monthly gift can be made for as little as $10/month!

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