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Hiawatha Animal Humane Society Inc
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The money donated to our organization goes directly for medical care and food for the animals that come into our care.


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$3,000 goal

In 2019 we took a total of over 120 dogs and cats into our care.  Each year since, it has been under 100.  As of the end of October of this year, that trend continues.  Even though our Trap, Neuter, Release Program has reduced the number of procreating stray cats in our area, the overriding reason the numbers are down this year,  is due to the lack of foster homes available to care for animals awaiting adoption. We try to never turn animals away, but we MUST have suitable temporary care available in private homes. That is why we are always seeking new fosters. There is information about becoming a "foster" on our website:

We don't have a shelter. ALL of our animals are placed in the homes of unpaid volunteers who foster them. We receive no government funding.  All of our work is done by animal loving volunteers.

Our animals come to us from all over southeastern Minnesota...south of Red Wing to Winona. We work in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies who often bring us unclaimed animals, many of whom are found along the side of the road, waiting in vain for their former people to come back for them.

We have on occasion found tiny live kittens in plastic bags, thrown in dumpsters or in ditches along the roadside. Sometimes people bring us their animals when they can no longer care for them. 

In all cases we make sure that the animals are spay/neutered and given necessary shots before we offer them for adoption.

We keep our adoption fees are low because we want our animals to be adopted as soon as possible, though we keep our animals as long as it takes to find the right home for them.

We occasionally hold special fund raisers and gratefully accept donations because the cost of helping our animals often exceeds our resources.

Please consider us as a worthy recipient of your contribution.

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