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Help Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks raise $7,000 for the completion of a new interpretation of “In C”


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Dear Supporters,

Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks are in the midst of creating a new interpretation of Terry Riley’s iconic musical score In C, which will debut atop the Minneapolis Club parking ramp in downtown Minneapolis June 14-16th, 2024. Creatively led by Berit Ahlgren and Helen Hatch, this is the 4th installment of Live @ The Shed, now called Hatch Dance/HoneyWorks Summerdance.

In this new work, 17 of the Twin Cities most versatile and creative dance artists and 6 musicians led by jazz pianist Joseph Strachan navigate the world of Terry Riley’s infamous In C. The musical score, made up of 53 short cells and the simple instruction for musicians to repeat as many times as they wish before moving forward, gives full agency to the musicians and is therefore never played the same way twice. A new improvisational dance score, crafted by Ahlgren and Hatch, both follows and departs from the framework of the music, creating a non-hierarchical microcosm in which the consequences of complicity and dissension unfold in real time.  

Addie Beck with the ensemble of "In C". Photo by Bill Cameron

With all performers having equal power in shaping what the work becomes – all are the “conductor” or “choreographer” at any given time – each moment is completely alive. No two performances will be alike.

We had a fruitful developmental rehearsal period this past February (we refer to as “Phase I”), which culminated in an open rehearsal and informal showing. The excitement for this unique, new work (both from the ensemble members as well as audience members) was palpable. The feedback we received was both insightful and thought provoking.

Non Edwards and ensemble in "In C". Photo by Bill Cameron

Having had some time away from rehearsals in March and April, we head into “Phase II” of the process with time spent digesting the work, ruminating on what still needs to be done, and creating a game plan for the remaining creation and presentation of the piece.

Our pause in rehearsals between Phase I and Phase II was also a moment to wait and hear about a Minnesota State Arts Board grant that would round out our budget. We unfortunately did not receive the grant this round, and we are left with a gap in our budget of approximately $7,000.00.

Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks never shy away from a challenge and this is no different! This is a particularly ambitious work, involving many people working both onstage and behind the scenes, and we need your support to pull it off. We believe this is a poignant work of both simplicity and complexity–  for both the artists to move through and audiences to witness.

Juliana Johnson and ensemble in "In C". Photo by Bill Cameron

We are initiating a “Fund a Phrase” campaign to fill this gap in our budget. With a donation of $100 or more you can select one of the 53 musical bars to sponsor. We will list the donors and number in the program, as well as email you a video of one of the performers dancing the movement phrase that corresponds with the number as a sneak peek into the building blocks of the larger work. To do so, simply write the number you’d like to fund in the “dedication” line when making your donation on We will keep an updated list of the numbers and their availability below.

Whether funding a phrase or not, know that a donation of any size will go directly to this production, of which over 88% of our total budget for this project goes to compensating the artists. 

Thank you for your continued support of Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks and your commitment to the Twin Cities dance community. We hope to see you on the rooftop in June!

With gratitude,

Helen Hatch & Berit Ahlgren

Fund a Phrase!

1-Ester Blackmore

2-Kirsten Freeman

3-Sarah Quie

4-Mark and Betsy McKelvey

5-Blake Conover

6-Laurie Conover


8-Julia Sutter


10-Jenny Hawkins-Hatch





15-Linda Sarna

16-Karen MacKenzie




20-Mary Vasaly




24-Tim Murphy




28-Molly Sonsteng








36-Nicole Arnason




40-Becky Heist


42-Brickson Schwenn dedicated to Disco




46-Maddie Stein








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