On the Road with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

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Our project brings together students who receive special education deaf and hard of hearing services. Funds contributed through this project will support a variety of activities outside of school that will help our students:

  • build self-advocacy skills
  • interact with other students with a hearing loss
  • learn how to access community experiences
  • test out different assistive technologies available to people with a hearing loss. 

Hearing loss is a hidden and very isolating disability. Many students are often the only student with a hearing loss in their school. For a student with a hearing loss, classroom learning, social interactions and advocating for oneself can be challenging situations. Students with a hearing loss struggle to access and participate in conversations and discussions. 

Thanks to your generosity, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program has been able to take our students to the Marcus Theater in Oakdale to watch a fully accessible screening of the movie Wonder, explore assistive technology devices for people with a hearing loss, interact with other students with a hearing loss while exploring nature at the Belwin Nature Conservancy, and participate in a variety of health and wellness activities at Conway Recreation Center at the Health and Wellness Seminar.

This year, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program wants to continue to take our students on the road. Here's where we're going and how much it will cost.

Building Self-Advocacy Skills for Students with Hearing Loss

Students will attend a fully accessible screening of a movie, learn about accessibility options available at movie theaters, explore assistive technology devices available to people with hearing loss and interact with other students with hearing loss. Estimated cost: $4,000.

Health and Wellness Seminar for Students with Hearing Loss

Students will attend a Health and Wellness Seminar with other students with hearing loss from around the metro area. They will learn about wellness topics like nutrition, protecting your hearing, and relaxation techniques. Students will have the opportunity to participate in healthy activities like soccer, meditation and informal play. Estimated cost: $1,000.

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