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Haiti has had an incredibly devastating past few years and continues to face significant challenges. In 2022, the country experienced a severe drought, which led to significant food insecurity and water shortages. Additionally, political instability persisted, with protests and violence erupting throughout the country. In 2023, Haiti was hit by yet another natural disaster, this time a category 4 hurricane. The hurricane caused widespread damage and flooding and led to a significant loss of life. The country also continued to grapple with ongoing political violence and economic challenges. Several of the orphanages we work with have had to move temporarily to avoid the violence in the streets. Many Haitians struggling to access basic necessities like food, water, and healthcare. Despite these challenges, however, the Haitian people remain resilient and continue to work towards a brighter future. 

Headwaters Relief Organization has had a presence in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010, in which more than 250,000 lives were lost, and more than 3 million people were affected. We have worked in makeshift camps where more than a million people were forced to live. We have supported schools and orphanages, providing public health services, including psychosocial, education, and medical support. We have also provided food and funds for education through sponsorships. Through a series of training and programs, we have created opportunities for adults to learn income-generating skills to help support their families. We have conducted health camps in the country's remote corners to reach the population in greatest need. You can support Haiti through a child sponsorship which provides children with access to education and basic necessities. 

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