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FYP works to help underrepresented women get the online resources they need to succeed in careers.


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I recently started working for a non-profit called Find Your Power. Our mission is to empower underrepresented women by expanding their access to fundamental resources and the Internet. We do this work because we believe information access and digital literacy are one great way to further gender equity.
We are currently deep in our research phase. So far we have had the incredible honor of partnering with amazing local organizations such as Pillsbury United Communities-Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project, African Immigrant Services, and 360 Communities. All doing amazing work with immigrant women, many who are experiencing abuse. As far as we're concerned, these are some of the strongest, most resilient women we know in the Twin Cities. Women who have endured extreme hardships to get to this country and once here have an uphill battle between the new language and culture, not to mention how some are treated by others, both at home and outside. As the events intern at Find Your Power, I do a lot of planning work and am currently working on the Third Annual Poetry Jam Event. This event works to empower women and share diverse stories. I am extremely excited to be doing this type of work and making a difference within the Minneapolis community, and eventually hope to make a greater change in the realm of identity equality.

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