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Public Access to an AED &CPR can Save Lives. Provide access by installing an Outdoor AED Cabinet.


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An AED (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) used within 4-6 minutes can turn a survival rate to 75% during Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Heart attack, drowning, electrocution, and drug overdose all can result in your heart-stopping. 

Action and Access anytime the heart stops can Save Lives.  We encourage the public to know where the closest AED is located and to take action during a Sudden Cardiac Type Event.

Placing an AED in an Outdoor AED Smart Monitored Cabinet makes it available 24/7. 

The AED is not just placed outside in any cabinet. Smart Monitored technology in the cabinet continuously monitors the AED's operation. This guarantees that everything with the AED works properly in the event of an emergency. When the Outdoor AED Cabinet door is opened pictures are taken and an alarm is sounded to alert other bystanders. A built-in SIM card contacts a call center that dispatches 911 when the AED is removed from the cabinet. The AED itself has a video screen and voice that walks the responder through the steps needed to be taken as soon as the on-button is pushed.

The Outdoor AED Cabinet would be placed outside the shelter at Flint Hills Athletic Complex

We encourage you to make a donation online or send a check to Advocates For Health at 4067 Pine Point Road Sartell MN 56377.

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