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Coming in September: GTMD24 tools, tips and resources

The GiveMN team is currently preparing for Give to the Max 2024! Mark your calendars: Give to the Max Day will return on Thursday, November 21, with Early Giving beginning on November 1. 

We'll be bringing back resources for participating nonprofits and schools in September. Here's what you can expect to see here over the next several months.

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GTMD24 Early-Bird Registration Begins

Early September
Most resources, graphics, and GTMD24 information goes live




Resource Accessibility

GiveMN believes that everyone who participates in and utilizes our workshops, videos and resources should be able to access them in way that works for them. This means inclusive actions like captioning online video workshops and asking for accessibility requests through all in-person workshop registration forms.

We invite any of our community members to contact us when they have a request to make our programming more accessible by emailing GiveMN will make efforts to accommodate all requests by working directly with each requestor.

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