Mile in My Shoes: Running is better w/a buddy

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Mile in My Shoes
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Change perceptions, enhance the running world, & support futures through community and connection

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Running with Mile in My Shoes provides me an opportunity to support people who are looking to change their life trajectory AND allows me to continue to grow and learn. I truly feel grateful for the opportunity to walk/run alongside folks as they reenter life on the outside. As a Board member and a run mentor, I get to see all sides of MIMS and truly believe in the good that happens when people connect with others in an authentic and open ways, especially while putting in some miles on our streets. 

I feel good giving my time and hope you will continue to support this organization that has become so important to me. In the past year, I've watching members and mentors support each other through life's challenges, give advice, and laugh, even though we've each walked very different paths, we have MIMS to thank for bringing us together. 

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Mile in My Shoes

Organized By Jennifer Trost

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