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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church

Help support St. John's work in Healthcare, Housing, Hunger, and Pastoral Care services.


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$5,000 goal

As I sat down to write this I received a call from someone, referred to us from a neighbor, in need of emergency shelter. After connecting them with assistance, I restarted writing and within a few minutes a woman in need walked through our church doors. 

This is St. John's, Church of the Open Door since 1881. Our ministries provide fresh produce to local food shelves, grocery cards, and rent assistance. We provide temporary safe shelter for those facing homelessness and we offer assistance and mentorship to families coming out of homelessness to help them set up and maintain a stable home.

And yet St. John's meets so much more than physical needs. Our clergy and Circle of Care volunteers use their extensive training and natural compassion to comfort the lonely, grieving, and overwhelmed. St. John's mentors and shelter volunteers help parents protect and nurture their children; they play, cook, and celebrate the family's joys and milestones with them.

At St. John's we believe in the liberating, life-giving way of Jesus and we strive to learn about and practice His Way of Love.

We give out of a desire to participate.  

We give as a sign of gratitude.  

We give because we belong to one another.  

We give to build a more just and equitable world.  

We give because we love, and that’s what love does. 

As we endure a slow and uneven recovery from this Covid-19 pandemic, the need for care, companionship, and love in our communities grow. While some have struggled, for others, the pandemic has been an economic time of plenty. If you have been so blessed, will you join us in helping share those blessing with our neighbors in financial and spiritual need?

Yours in Christ,

Sarah Dull

Executive Administrator

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