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Everybody needs to ask for a little help sometimes, right? While we really shy away from sensational type stories or painting ourselves as "miraculous saviors" in our corner of the rescue world, we do occasionally need to come before our supporters and lay out our needs. We recently took in 8 puppies and nearly immediately upon their arrival in foster homes, we knew there was trouble brewing. Within a little over 48 hours, we had 7 puppies receiving in-patient care at vet facilities and one more being treated and watched ever-so-closely in foster...yup, the dreaded Parvo had struck. If you have ever had a dog treated for this, or anything that requires overnight stays and specialized care, you know how quickly the bills add up. And x8 in this case.

Sadly, one little guy lost his fight during his hospitalization, but 7 of the pups are well on their road to recovery. Now that we can breathe a little easier on their health fronts, it is time to add up our totals and figure out how we make good on our responsibilities. Our total for this parvo fight came to over $19,000 (believe us, our jaws dropped too when we did the math). If you can spare even a small donation to help us pay these bills and be able to continue helping dogs—because of course we have other program dogs and more "normal" vet costs as well—we would be so grateful!

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