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A unique emergency grant program that assists people in the East Metro with financial setbacks.


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Community Sharing Fund (CSF) is a unique emergency grant program that supports thousands of East Metro residents every year as they navigate financial setbacks. A small grant from the fund can prevent a tailspin that results in unemployment or homelessness.

2020 marked the 40th anniversary of this life-changing fund. Since 1980, the Fund has made more than 40,000 grants. It is a unique way for donors to have an immediate and direct impact that can stabilize a person’s life.

Minnesota Compass reports that more than 22 percent of East Metro residents earn $35,000 or less, leaving many people unable to build emergency savings and unprepared to weather unexpected medical bills or job losses. CSF partners with more than 100 community organizations to identify families and individuals facing short-term financial setbacks. 

Through grants of up to $750 and up to $1,000 for housing assistance, the Fund helps East Metro residents from all walks of life. Our clients are as diverse as the East Metro itself, and include individuals, families, young parents, retirees, homeowners, renters and employees from countless industries.

  • Recently, a single mom and her son Marquis were told that they were being evicted. Marquis’s dad had run out on his wife and son but assured them that he would keep up the rent payment. But he didn’t. Marquis and his mom were able to keep their home because CSF covered the rent payment.
  • Donald was homeless and dying of cancer. When he received his disability check he bought a car for $250. That became his home. But the cancer spread and he needed help. A friend contacted CSF and Donald was placed in a nursing facility where he died one week later with respect and dignity.
  • Matthew is a great little guy but is non-verbal. Last year Matthew was introduced to a communication device that allowed him to use pictures and letters to talk. It was imperative that Matthew has his own device. Insurance covered most of it but his mom needed to come up with money that she did not have. The county social worker contacted the CSF. Matthew is a different little boy now since CSF was able to help pay for him to have his own communication device.

There are a lot of people in our communities who are in financial crisis. They just need some additional help that will ease their financial situation. That is what the CSF is all about.

We ask you to help us help one more person.*

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