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A Sophisticated Anthology of the Unknown*

“It’s a creepy story well told… delightfully terrifying.” — Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet

Ghoulish Delights is a theatrical performance company dedicated to bringing tales of horror and suspense to Twin Cities stages. The company was established in 2013 by Tim Uren, who serves as the company’s “Chief Ghoul.” In 2022, Ariel Pinkerton came aboard, contributing her expertise as the company’s “Production Banshee.” Productions include original work, established stage plays, and adaptations of classic tales of terror.

In 2016, Ghoulish Delights began producing The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society, an ongoing weekly podcast that revisits the great horror, crime, and suspense shows from the golden age of radio, complete with historical notes, trivia, and a discussion about whether or not it stands the test of time.

Who is Tim Uren?

“Expect the unexpected as the pace of this bloody gem starts small, then accelerates like a runaway train. Uren’s premise and fine direction will keep audiences scarily off-balance.” — Lisa Brock, StarTribune

For over 25 years, Tim Uren has been performing, writing, and directing theater at festivals and small venues in the Twin Cities. Along the way, has worked with companies such as Theater Pro Rata, the Brave New Workshop, and Theater in the Round. He co-produced a film adaptation of The Curse of Yig that author W. H. Pugmire called “…one of the finest adaptations of a Lovecraft weird tale to cinema that I have ever seen…brilliant and effective in every way.” Uren has also written and designed for board games and card games, notably for several Arkham Horror expansions, as well as Eldritch Horror and its subsequent expansions. This collective experience is what shaped the creation of Ghoulish Delights.

Who is Ariel Pinkerton?

“She narrates from a position of strength, resilience and sometimes nostalgia...Pinkerton isn’t asking, she’s telling, but with confidence, not force.” — Erica Reid, City Beat

Ariel describes herself as an actress, lighting designer, storyteller and general ne’er-do-well. Over the last twenty years, she’s worked with local theater institutions such as Nimbus Theatre, Chameleon Theatre, 20% Theatre, and many others. In addition to her work as part of Ghoulish Delights, she is also a company member of Freshwater Theatre and Co-Artistic Director of Fortunes Fool.

*What does “A Sophisticated Anthology of the Unknown” mean?

“…it’s the best kind of horror story; one that haunts you for days afterwards.” — Todd O’Dowd, l’étoile

Back when Alan Moore was writing The Saga of the Swamp Thing comic books, the phrase “Sophisticated Suspense” appeared on the cover. It was a remarkably succinct and accurate description of the stories within. Characters were complex and compelling. Plots challenged readers to delve further into their darkest fears. Those stories stand to this day as a great model of the kind of shows that Ghoulish Delights aims to produce. That’s why the company uses the word “sophisticated” to describe its work.

The horror anthology appears in every conceivable medium: magazines (Weird Tales), radio (Suspense), comic books (Tales from the Crypt) television (The Twilight Zone), and movies (Creepshow). There is a tradition in presenting tales of terror in a format that includes several unique stories and distinct points of view, each of which can stand on its own but collectively come together to create a larger sense of the world’s mysteries. We value diversity both in the content of stories and in the voices that tell them.

Horror is an important genre. We constantly push forward from the safety of what is known into shadowy worlds of uncertainty, a journey that is both exciting and terrifying. Enjoying stories about such journeys is a way to practice being courageous. In sharing our fears, we can overcome them. In fact, we can be delighted by them.


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