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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

North Suburban Instructional Aquatics Inc

Raising funds to purchase specialty training equipment for all NSAC swimmers.


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$20,000 goal

NSAC coaches are always looking to implement best-practices in training.  To enable this, the club is looking to purchase some new coaching aids and specialty training equipment.  

The things we most want to purchase are waterproof headsets called MySwimEars made by MOSTswimtech.   These things are amazing!  Swimmers wear them behind the ear while swimming to enable direct, real-time feedback from the coach! They work up to 50 yards away and have 7 channels  to allow for 7 groups connecting up to 7 coaches, all at the same time.   They have a comfortable fit and crisp sound.  The NSAC swimmers who had the chance to try them at the start of the season just loved them!  

 What will this do for our coaches and swimmers?   It will allow coaches to be heard without having to wait for the swim to end or having to yell to catch a swimmer's attention.   Coaches can provide instant feedback mid-stroke,  guide corrections, and let the swimmer know they're on the right track - all in real time! It's hard to overestimate the impact these will have on practices with so many more opportunities for feedback right when it's needed.

Why are we asking for $20,000?  At $5,000 we would be able to purchase enough for one group to have them each night but would need to rotate usage across groups throughout the week.  To maximize the benefit, we're hoping raise the full amount and buy enough headsets to allow all groups to use them all the time.  

Here is what some other coaches have to say about the headsets:

“There have been very few technological advances that have the immediate and lasting impact that MySwimEars have had on my team. They progress twice as fast and learn twice as much.” 

               Kyle Hastings, Head Coach Ransom Everglades

"Loving MySwimEars! Swimmers are responding and it is having a huge impact on all of our athletes. The ability to make immediate technique adjustments is crucial.  Talking strategy and just plain communicating details while they continue to swim is a Game Changer!”

                Dan Jacobs, Owner and Head Coach Machine Aquatics

"Using these is life-changing. I never realized how much energy it took to constantly be yelling, repeating myself and frustrated that I couldn't connect with more kids at the same time. This has allowed me to stay calm and further explain things while they are pushing off the wall."

                Nick Chevalier, Head Coach WEST Coast Aquatics

"My athletes have loved the MySwimEars and enjoy the instant feedback and also love that they can listen to music during their swims. I believe this will be the next step in the sport of swimming. Megan and Kerry have found a way to advance the sport and I truly believe in this product!"

                Joey Garcia, Assistant Head Coach Mission Viejo Nadadores 

Any additional funds from this campaign will be used to purchase other types of specialty training equipment, such as parachutes, fins, or paddles and/or fund scholarships for economically disadvantaged program participants.

Thanks for reading our story and considering a donation!

*** Please consider employer matching gifts, too ***

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