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Support the Staff of Reign Dance Theater!

We are so grateful for our wonderful staff and teachers who work to support and encourage students through the challenges we face in these days.  We all know it's been a rough few years physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and financially -- for students and their families -- and for our staff and teachers as well.  

In the midst of all the hardship and losses, we feel the need more than ever to remain a ray of hope to our youth in a world filled with so much chaos, fear, and confusion.  We have a powerful platform through the arts from which to share the message of Jesus Christ. Though methods are changing in a changing world -- the heart of our ministry has not changed.  We will continue to praise and worship, learn the Word of God, and train in the arts to proclaim God's love to a world deeply in need of that hope in whatever way we are able.

Please help support our staff and teachers as they continue to sacrifice and strive to train and encourage our students in this difficult season!  

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