Bucket Brigade's Spring Giving Campaign 2024

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Help us grow (write & develop) our newest piece of original theater, premiering this fall!


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Bucket Brigade's Spring Giving Campaign 2024: Let’s Grow!

ANNOUNCING A MATCH GIFT! Every donation made will be matched, dollar for dollar, for the first $6,250 through April 27th! Thank you to our four generous Match Donors for getting this giving-chain-reaction started! 

Living things grow. They just do. It’s a beautifully natural process—a wonder to behold each spring as slumbering seeds wake to send tenacious sprouts up and steadying roots down. And, given the right conditions, those seedlings can flourish—spreading glorious evidence everywhere. Evidence that life goes on and on and on.

Art is similarly alive—pulsing with creative energy. Starting with a seed of an idea, and with care, attention and hard work, growing into something beautiful. We've experienced that miraculous journey over and over again through Bucket Brigade as we've written, developed and produced original theater with professional artists and student-artists for the past 13+ years. 

This spring we celebrate the growth and development of our newest piece of original theater premiering in the fall— Survivors of the Fire: Stories and Songs remembering the Great Hinckley Fire of 1894. A moving, meaningful, and at times surprisingly joyful new theatrical experience commemorating the 130th Anniversary of the Great Hinckley Fire: featuring toe-tapping, heart-string-plucking music of the era, harrowing first-hand accounts of the survivors, and moving tributes to those who perished. It’s a celebration of life— its joys and sorrows— and a heartening reminder that those we hold dear are never lost.

Join us on this journey of growth and creative possibility!

Here are two ways you can help us grow good things:

• Help us reach our Spring Fundraising goal of $12,500 by April 27th, so we can premiere our new show this fall— including short performances at the Hinckley Fire Museum, a walking play version just outside of Hinckley on the weekend of the 130th anniversary (Labor Day Weekend), as well as a four week run at Art House North!

• Come celebrate with us at our 6th Annual Spring Smorgasbord, Saturday, April 27th, 7:30pm, at Art House North! You’ll be the first to get an exciting look at brand new excerpts from our new show premiering in the fall, Survivors of the Fire: Stories and Songs remembering the Great Hinckley Fire of 1894! Plus, you’ll enjoy a mini-charcuterie with all sorts of savory delights, an assortment of sweet treats from our neighborhood bakery, Brake Bread, freshly brewed coffee, and delicious mocktails.

Let’s grow good things. Together.

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