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Better Futures Minnesota

We provide employment and offer comprehensive services to the underserved, enhancing our community.


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Learn more about Shakur, our esteemed supervisor who runs the woodworking department at Better Futures Minnesota, as he guides our dedicated participants through the intricate process of crafting benches and custom wood pieces. Shakur provides hands-on training that not only hones the craft of woodworking but also supports our workforce development program, helping individuals build a strong foundation for their future careers.

Imagine yourself, if you will, in a space where every direction you turn, walls confine you without a chance to succeed. For a moment, walk in the shoes of James – a man for whom those walls were a stark reality, not merely physical, but a reality he had to deal with once he was released from Prison. His history of incarceration and a life that never unveiled a path to prosper seemed like an endless tunnel with no light insight. That was, until Better Futures Minnesota offered a glimpse of hope in an otherwise darkened path.

Better Futures Minnesota offered him more than just an occupation; it provided him with a vibrant, thriving future through our workforce development program. Here, James wasn’t only earning a paycheck which for some is their first job but was embarking on a transformative journey that combined occupational skills training with support services. 

This year, our Give to the Max campaign zeroes in on breaking employment barriers to uplift a vulnerable population. The men in our program start with our paid online certification training and then proceed to work at one of our business service lines within their initial weeks. Through diverse job training and work rotations, they gain varied skills and get to choose their future work path. We're not just providing them with meaningful work experiences and connections – we're laying down their foundation for success to empower them to support their children, families, and community.

Imagine the happiness and success James felt as he secured his first paycheck – a symbol of barriers shattered, and a life turning its tides towards hope and self-sufficiency. The mission of Better Futures Minnesota lies in stories like (participant name), illustrating the profound impact of providing second chances of believing in the untapped potential within each participant that walks through our doors.

Now, we invite you to be part of such a transformational journey. Your generous contribution can illuminate paths for many more like James, enabling them to not merely dream of a better future but to live it, step by step.

Why We Need Your Help

Life after a felony conviction is tough. The mark of past mistakes often hinders access to jobs, housing, education, and aid – even after "paying their debt" to society. Stable employment is key to reducing the risk of reoffending, yet only 12% of companies will hire someone with a felony. Strikingly, nearly one-third of individuals released from prison will return within a year, often due to the challenges of finding work and the persistent wage gap they face. This fall, join us in supporting Minnesotans on their journey back into society, helping to forge paths toward stable, fair employment and reduced recidivism. In your hands rests the potential to not only change individual lives but to ripple positive impacts through families and communities.

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