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2023 has been a very unusual year, not only due to Covid-19 still in the shadows, but also because there have been so far 17 dogs needing our local rescue and rehoming.  Dogs, as always are in super high demand by adopters and continue to be so this year. 

However, like all past years , there have been plenty of cat and kittens. Many of those  are nursing kittens, occasionally accompanied by their mother cat, though most of the time they arrive in litters alone, in need of  bottle feeding.  Our special dedicated group of fosters then provide  “mother care” to feed,  socialize and eventually find forever homes for these little adorable balls of fur. The work is very gratifying, but the high cost of kitten formula adds a lot of extra strain on our modest budget. 

Also, another not so frequent event is when we take into care an abandoned animal who has been neglected and mistreated.  This little guy, pictured here, we named  “RUFUS” was near complete starvation when rescued.  We are very happy to report that he is now doing well and though he needed extra time and loving care from his foster mom, he has been adopted into what has proved to be a very happy and loving forever home! 

Rufus is an example of how the Hiawatha Animal Humane Society works closely with local law enforcement agencies who often bring us unclaimed animals, many of whom have been dumped along the side of the road, waiting in vain for their former people to come back for them.  They are often in pretty bad shape by the time they reach us, as was Rufus. 

Also over the years, we have accepted many surrendered animals. The number has decreased as our economy has improved. Animals are now being surrendered because their owners personal lives are too busy to give the animals the care and attention they need.  A particularly sad time to receive an animal, (often a senior one), is when their former person has died or had to move into a nursing home care without being able to take their furry companion along.  

We do NOT have a shelter. All of our animals are placed in the homes of volunteers who foster them. We have no paid staff and we receive no government funding.  All of our work is done by animal loving volunteers who devote countless hours to the work.

In all cases we make sure that the animals are health checked, given any necessary treatment and very importantly, ALWAYS also spay/neutered before we offer them for adoption. We also now micro-chip both our dogs and cats.

We try to keep our adoption fees are low because we want our animals to be adopted as soon as possible, though we do keep them in our care as long as it takes to find the right home for them. In the past, that has sometimes taken up to a year or more.  Once an animal is deemed ready for adoption, he or she is advertised using our “adoption partner”

We frequently hold fund raisers and gratefully accept donations throughout the year because the cost of helping our animals always exceeds our available resources.

Our website is:  It will tell you even more about us.  It also has a direct link to

We need your help to continue our work.  Please consider us as a worthy recipient of your contribution.  You are assured that your donation goes immediately to the help of the animals in our care.





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